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Professional Toastmaster
Master of Ceremonies


Tel:01798 875960
Mob:07884 438498


~Masonic Festivals~

~Award Ceremonies~

~Civil Functions~

~Sporting Events~

~Golf and Society Functions~

~Burn's Night Suppers~


Bill Barr BA (hons), TMCF

Bill has worked as a Toastmaster for twenty five years, and can draw on the experience of many occasions and situations. He is a member of both the Toastmasters and Masters of Ceremonies Federation and The Toastmaster Partnership, and carries the relevant Public Liability Insurance, which is your assurance of his professionalism. Based in West Sussex, Bill works throughout the South of England.

His expertise covers Weddings, Award Ceremonies, Masonic Ladies Nights, Sporting Events and Burn’s Nights. He is, therefore, well-versed in the Ladies Song and the Address to the Haggis. His singing voice is excellent as well as being theatrical when the occasion arises.

His knowledge of protocol and tradition enables Bill to contribute in many situations but his approach is also firmly rooted in the culture of today. His is an experienced, relaxed and friendly style which, at Weddings in particular, provides support and reassurance to the whole of the bridal party throughout the day.